Remember "The killer is not too cold" inside a pair of big eyes, clear and beautiful girls? That is Natalie Portman, her June 9, 1981 Born in Israel to Jerusalem, after 3 years moved to New York with his family. 1994 film "The killer is not too cold," when 12 years old. Natalie Portman starred in the "Black Swan" is an Oscar-level films. Fine and subtle sound effects in every possible way the sound sounds like a dumb explanation, so that the film is more full, adds fantasy branching off the charm. Nina screen repeatedly dwell in the fine hair, thin shoulders, like the graceful swan neck slender, people truly feel that this is a professional ballet dancer. Nina (played by Natalie Portman) from time to time loss, brow Jincu, shy expression, by one point too many, and by one point too few. Natalie pregnant mother, is undoubtedly the highlight of the Academy Awards will, from which women can learn from the stars of the wedding dress with a guide. Bell, best supporting actor, best actress Natalie Portman, best supporting actress Melissa Leo, Best Actor Kelinfeisi. Natalie Portman happy pregnant mother should be the highlight of the evening. The most hardworking female artist, the most beautiful mother that night! Although dressed in rose purple dress could not hide the belly bulge, but the sense of happiness, filled with satisfaction, in the best actress Oscar, but also ready to do a happy mother. Blond hair, rose purple dress Natalie Portman have set off a snow-white skin, dress folds on the modification of the fat body, elegant charm and flavor while pregnant maternity distribution.

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